About the Work

"My studio is my playground; I am my toddler self reborn. I relish throwing different media and color together to see if any two stick. I create compositions intuitively (often influenced by the energy behind a trumpet solo). The ultimate goal, however, has always remained the same: to create beautiful images that enable the viewer to transcend their reality, even if for a moment, to one ever more vibrant and peaceful. To that end, a vacant mind is the biggest honor you can give to my work.


I draw inspiration from the beauty of nature. A starry sky, an orange sunset, or a flock of birds have the greatest power to activate my imagination. I do not aim to recreate scenes, but rather reproduce the feeling associated with an experience. To that end, the work of Helen Frankenthaler has been pivotal in shaping my understanding of the canvas as a color field within which tumultuous dramas or peaceful serenades unfold.


My paintings are shaped by a process that is almost invariably informed by music. I aim to visualize the emotional and spiritual energy carried by notes of a melody, and often let music inform my choice of color and brush for specific artworks. Within my studio, painting is an intuitive response to the physical and emotional underpinnings of the artist; the presence of music provides yet another channel for artistic inspiration. I seek direct communion with my viewer and find inspiration in the work of Mark Rothko in his ability to bring the viewer to a spiritual plane of existence.


Acrylic is my medium of choice. For pieces before 2016, this choice emerged primarily because I could afford impasto and layering of paint without compromise to earlier application of color. After working in a glass studio, however, I began to use watercolors to add translucency to my compositions. I choose to paint on unstretched canvas as if it was fabric unto which color can be dyed or stained, inspired by studying the Southeast and Far East Asian techniques of batik and shibori. The adoption of fluid acrylics is a recent addition to my practice, with an aim to create a symbiosis between acrylic and watercolors to reinforce dynamic compositions that extend beyond the surface of the canvas."